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Minvodskij kombikormovyj zavod, ZAO

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Minvodskij kombikormovyj zavod, ZAO

The Minvodsky formula-feed plant was constructed in 1977 by consortium of the enterprises of England, Yugoslavia and Russia. Are a part of a property complex: an elevator on 15 thousand tons with two lines of reception of raw materials, cleaning, the 50 tons per hour drying; a formula-feed plant with the line of a granulation, production of concentrates (BMVK) and concentrating mixes; shop of production of extruded products (soy, corn, peas) with production of cakes, oils, full-fat soy. Production management is exercised from uniform dispatching office with automatic control of parameters of raw materials and finished goods with application of weight dispensing of components. Detailed control is exercised by modern laboratory. Selection of compoundings is made by means of software products for scientifically based balance of all components of compound feed delivered by the best domestic and foreign companies Flexible system of production provides an opportunity to take orders from clients on a concrete compounding from 1 ton. Delivery of production transport of plant is possible. Shipments are made as in bulk, and in packing. Packing is supplied with 3 degrees of protection. The main advantage of plant in solid, professional collective which with optimism looks forward! Specialists of the enterprise are always glad to consult and answer all interesting questions and to make a purchase of production easy and mutually advantageous.
The priority purpose of the enterprise is release of pure natural forages. Production is made without application of antibiotics, hormones of growth, biostimulators. The raw materials are used local not gene-modified. In production of the production of MKZ adheres to the concept: "The pure forage - healthy animals - qualitative food - strong healthy generation" MKZ makes over 100 types of compound feeds, concentrates and premixes for feeding of agricultural animals, a bird, fish, fur animals, besides, makes soy cake, full-fat soy and soy oil. Specialists of plant together with scientists of edge developed and successfully introduce in farms predstarterny compound feeds and fodder concentrates of PROMIKZ with new components. Compound feeds and BMVK PROMIKZ are favorable investments into highly productive animal husbandry! As they say, "milk at a cow - in language" how many and what forage you will give to animals so much and you will receive from them. Therefore a problem of the Minvodsky formula-feed plant the general with agricultural producers - to feed animals it is competent, our cattle breeders it is not worse than the American farmers who on average over the country obtain 8 thousand l of milk on a cow. Their secret is simple, besides good keeping of animals, a breeding gene pool, they feed animals with the polnoratsionny, balanced sterns. Dear agricultural producers, we invite to acquire our production, are sure that you appreciate it!


Russia,  Stavropolskij territories,  Zagorskiy,  357228,  st. Solnechnaya, d. 26


Belenko Sergej Aleksandrovich

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