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Cakes and meal: soy sunflower
  • Cakes and meal: soy sunflower

Cakes and meal: soy sunflower

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Soy processing products: soy meal, cake, full - fat soy are a high - calorific, universal forage, ideal for all animal species and a bird. They fill shortage of protein and amino acids in food of animals whose shortage is one of the main reasons for their low efficiency.

Use of soy meal (cake) in animal husbandry, poultry farming and fisheries allows to save significantly on expensive sterns and at the same time to provide fish, a bird and animals with high - energy food with the high content of a vegetable protein.

SUNFLOWER any kinds of animals can feed CAKE, in the dry or moistened look, generally in mix with other sterns. The protein which is contained in cake is full - fledged on amino - acid structure, especially in comparison with cereal sterns. The cellulose which is contained in cake influences digestibility of food and is necessary in diets of all animals, especially ruminant. Content of fat in a diet is especially important for animals with a single - chamber stomach (rabbits, pigs) and for calfs in the first months of life.

Introduction of cake sunflower in a food allowance of animals favorably influences a metabolism, reproductive function, strengthens immune system, improves growth of young growth, increases a yaytsenoskost of a bird, increases half - internal and egg efficiency, etc.

Manufacturer:ООО "Минводский комбикормовый завод"
Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 15.10.2021

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